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  1. Do exactly what you tattooist tells you. If he/she is a real professional they will know which method works best for his work, and for his customers. Your best friend, your mum, or anyone else will not know better than your tattooist, even if they are all tattooed from head to toe. Remember, if you change the aftercare for whatever reason, the tattooist is not obliged to touch up your tattoo for free. Chances are you ruined your tattoo all by yourself!

2. Keep the tattoo clean after the dressing has been taken off. It is an open wound, do not forget that! Most tattooists recommend hand-washing the tattoo very carefully with an anti-bacterial soap. Allow it to air dry or very carefully pat dry with paper towel.


3. You can expect your newly done tattoo to be sensitive, red and swollen. Most people find that this goes after a day or so, some a little longer (this is dependant on the size, placement and style of the tattoo). If it is still angry and swollen by the third day, contact your tattooist.


4. Your tattoo will weep in the first couple of days. The fluid be coloured the same as your tattoo. This is normal, and it does not mean that your tattoo is coming out!!


5. Keep your tattoo moist; allowing it to dry out will result in a thick scab forming. This is not desired; it slows the healing process and will possibly damage the tattoo. Your tattooist will recommend a cream to use.


6. Do not overdo the cream! The tattoo must be allowed to breathe if itís to heal properly. A thin layer two to three times a day is enough.


7. After a few days to a week, a thin layer of skin will start to peel or flake away from the entire tattoo, much like the peeling you get from sunburn. Again, this is totally normal. It is essentially the scab coming off. Do not pick it or play with it! It will itch during this time, do not scratch! Your tattoo will still be very sensitive and you may end up scratching or picking it open. No-one wants holes in their tattoo.


8. Do not soak your tattoo for at least two weeks after itís been done, so no bathing or swimming (sauna is also not recommended). Showering is totally fine, in fact washing your tattoo under the shower is probably the easiest way to do it. Your tattooist may advise you to avoid these things for a longer period of time; it depends on which aftercare he uses. Do what he says!


9. Do not go on a sunbed or expose your tattoo to direct sunlight for at least two weeks! UV rays damage the skin, and fade tattoo colour.


10. Your tattoo will take one to three weeks to heal. This is again dependent on the aftercare method, size, position, and style of the tattoo. A full colour tattoo will typically take longer to heal than a grey shaded piece. If you get a rash, or any kind of unusual symptoms on or around the tattoo you should contact your tattooist immediately.

Healing a tattoo is really not all that difficult. Usually people make mistakes when they think too much and start to overdo things. The body is an amazing healing machine. 

The Aftercare doesnít heal the tattoo, the body does. Tattoo Aftercare reduces the risk of infection and helps prevent scabbing, thus helping the body to heal the tattoo more quickly. Stay relaxed, and trust your body to handle it!


Donít forget! Caring for your tattoo isnít just for a week or two after itís been done, itís for life! The better condition your skin is in, the better the tattoo will look and last over the years. Moisturise daily and use sunscreen. Not only will your tattoos continue to look great, you will have less wrinkles! Bonus! Follow these Tattoo Aftercare instructions and you are well off with your beautiful tattoos

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